TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself.
Tiger: My dad thought it was funny to name me Jose but everyone calls me Tiger!! I'm 22 and I was born in the Heights but the Bronx is my home since '86. Streets.


TOD: How long have you been riding?
Tiger: I first got on a fixed gear biciclet in 2002 (shout out my cousin Victor). So it took long enough but 10 years later I got a Fuji Feather™ and the rest is history. Eat, sleep, shit, beer, fixed. 2 years to be exact. Before this you could catch me on some USDs, Razors or TRS Details.

TOD: Does your work day consist of riding a bike?
Tiger: Unfortunately I work at a hospital, but the perk is waking up to a bike ride no matter how faded I get the night before. From 9a to 5:30p I'm sequestered, but see me on the bike until sun up afterwards. I would love to go back to school and master debate all the ladies.


TOD: What type of bike are you riding?
Tiger:  If it weren't for Elaine, my Fuji Feather, I wouldn't be where I'm at. But currently I am riding a BreakBrake17 Transfer (Eleanor). Shes's sporting Zipp Short and shallow drops, Brooks Cambium 17 saddle, Miche wheelset, Miche Supertype seatpost, Time Atac XC8 pedals, Miche Advanced crankset @ 49 x 15. Shit rides like a dream. I appreciate Felipe for his help on the build. A few 6 packs later, she was done and so was I.

 TOD: What's your take on riding in NYC?

Tiger: Everyone is fucking nuts. Cars don't care, people don't care. Thank God I do. *chugs beer


TOD: Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC?
Tiger: Warriors Fucking Race. That is it. Oh and every time I ride my bike.

TOD: Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?
Tiger: Drinking beer, listening to jazz musics, flicking out and yeah. Poetry. Shout out LuckyKids and MapStanza.


TOD:  Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………
Tiger: *Chugs beer, rides bike into the sunset.   Shout out Shardy, all of TrackOrDieNYC and everybody I fucks with who calls me Tiger!! Merry Chirstmas bitches!


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