Rigoberto Elicier jr

TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself.

Rigo: Wassup world, my name is Rick or Rigo or quickus rickus depending on where i'm working that day. I'm 31 years old or so my wife tells me. Born in Lebanon hospital so I have issues, raised and reside in the bronx.


TOD: How long have you been riding?

Rigo: I've been riding since I was like 20. We rode downhill then, I had a cruiser with a bomber fork, I was hype. We used to jump steps, hit trails, drops. I had my best crashes on that bike. I stopped riding for a couple years, got a car and was feeling myself. Got rid of the car got fired from my job and my cuz citymasher told me he had a bike a lock and a bag for me to start working. I measure messlife in winters, this was three winters ago. So I started working on his Ross road bike turned single speed then bought my IRO off of Angel a couple months later. The fattest vegetarian I know. Riding fixed for over two years.

TOD: Does your work day consist of riding a bike?

Rigo: Yes, I am a messenger/courier. All weather pro. Storm chaser. I work about 10hrs a day, in all conditions. Winter is coming...  I also wrench at a shop which has been really great and taught me a lot and I get discounts.


TOD: What type of bike are you riding?

Rigo: The bike in the pics is my steel frame named Musharraf, a Pake rum runner. I switch my set up often cause I get bored, in these pics moosh has sugino 75s cranks, fsa chainring with time atacs. Front wheel b43 laced to novatec hollow axle. Selle san saddle. Deda seatpost. Rear wheel philwood iso track hub 17t laced to deepv. Generic bars and stem. Normally I got a thomson 70mm to fsa comet downhill bars. I also rock a torker road bike steel frame named rainy day man and a masi coltello named Celia Cruz or CC for short. Get it? CC has a miche pistard wheelset campagnolo record pista track crank and bottom bracket. Cinelli stem and drops bars.

TOD: What's your take on riding in NYC?

Rigo: Adrenalin. Traffic. The best place to ride in terms of obstacles and adversity. If you can mash here you can ride anywhere. It'sboth the training ground and the battlefield.


TOD: Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC?

Rigo: There are several. Coming in 7th place at the first TOD summer alleycat after crashing into a chrome jersey owner Greg Addo.  The last winter alleycat, which took place in a snow storm. Last but not least was the unbreakable alleycat where a crew of dirtbike riders including my friend ribsturbation held down me and Javier down second avenue while we mashed thru red light after red light. we mashed up to them, ribs was on his scooter and asked if we were racing. I said yea! And we tore up 2nd avenue from 110 to 86 before traffic got to thick. It was amazing cause the whole way was red lights but the dirtbikes scared drivers from blocking us. It was really cool to be a part of that. The redbull minidrome, I ate shit 4 times and never felt better! Thanks Jav

TOD: Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?

Rigo: I like watching movies and reading, i'm on game of thrones, A Dance Of Dragons right now. spoiler alert! Jon becomes the lord commander on the wall and Brienne gets her face chewed off! Honestly my happiest times off my bike are at home after work with my daughters talking and wife cooking. My oldest reads and my youngest pretends to. Nothing makes me smile more than nights at home with them.


TOD: Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………

Rigo: Be fat and depressed. No matter what i'd be into I wouldn't be as happy. I truly thank citymasher almost everyday for giving me that ross conversion, that lock and that bag. Not because people know me. I'd rather be anonymous. Not because of props or races. Because every couple of days when i'm mashing down 5th ave, i'm leo on the front of the titanic. I'm on top of the world. I might crash. I might freeze. I might be left in the water while Kate Winslet floats on a dresser. Women! But with every high speed whip skid, every taxi I cut off, every bus I skitch, I am really happy. So if you see me mashing, whether you like me or think ill of me, just know, i'm having the time of my life, everytime. It's the closest I get to praying. Track or Die, I mean that! Thank you for getting me off the couch Stan, I love you cuz. Thanks for the feature Shardy and for a family with triflow in their veins. See y'all at the Bronx tour.  Peace


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