Toni Rodriguez

TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself.

TR: Toni Rodriguez, I wish I had a nickname. I'm 21 from the Bronx (Brooklyn by the Summer).

TOD: How long have you been riding (fixed gear/in general)?

TR: 2 1/2 years.

TOD: Does your work day consist of riding your bike?

TR: I just started as a bike messenger about 2 months ago after doing food delivery for a year. Greatest job ever.

TOD: What type of bike are you riding?

TR: Cinelli Vigorelli, my main track bike (Phil Wood to Archetype, Omniums with Chris King BB). I also have a Cervelo road bike, and a shitty tall bike that's ready to fall apart(still fun as hell to ride).

TOD: What's your take on riding in NYC?

TR: 70% of the reason why I love cycling so much is because I'm doing it in the greatest city in the world. Insane traffic, an amazing cycling community(one that throws races and events on a frequent basis), assholes and pretty women everywhere.. I love riding in New York.

TOD: Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC

TR: Probably the time I ran away from cops in the Bronx and ended up getting rammed, resulting in a broken wrist. Still to this day the greatest adrenaline rush I've ever experienced. No regrets.

TOD: Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?

TR: Skateboarding, hardcore gamer(I'm building a PC as we speak!), reading books.

TOD:  Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………

TR:  I would probably be home eating Hot Pockets while still playing World of Warcraft.

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