Ryan Many

TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself.

RM: oh hey ! Well, in the skreets I'm known by most as.. heypoots! My real name is Ryan Many, I am the ripe ol age of 29, 30 shortly after this interview. Fuck. I reside in the wonderland we call Harlem, NYC. 



TOD: How long have you been riding?

RM: I've been riding bikes since I can remember.. I directed my focus on my blading until the late 2000s.. In early '08 I bought my first official "fixie bike" and actually made riding an everyday thing again.

TOD: Does your work day consist of riding a bike?

RM: It most certainly does haha. I've been livin that #messlife for a few years meow. You could say I dedicate at least 10 hours to the bike a day, for work. If I'm not workin I'm probably still riding around.


TOD: What type of bike are you riding?

RM: My workhorse at the moment is an:
Affinity Lo Pro matte Black
Sram omnium crank/ .... Bottom bracket
Phil wood hubs laced to h+son archetype and Tokyowheel Carbon88 w| dt Swiss champion spokes
Thomson seatpost, clamp, stem
Concor supercorsa vintage leather saddle
Shimano spd pedals
Nitto track drops 

All Black Everything !! 

TOD: What's your take on riding in NYC?

RM: There's absolutely nothing else out there that emphasizes on the enlightenment achieved through meditation and intuition while cruising or mashing down the center of your favorite avenue in between mid-day traffic with no fear and pure enjoyment.

With that said, pedestrians are a nightmare. Cabs want to kill you. Road rage usually ends up in vehicle slaughter. Cops are gunnin for you. Bike theft is MAD REAL.


TOD: Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC?

RM: Damn, that's tough. I tend to experience the most when I'm riding alone.. You know what, I'd have to say last week actually.
I was riding uptown in the 30s after receiving a horseshit bogus quota filler ticket earlier in the day when a foot cop ran into the street in an attempt to flag me down and stop me so he could rape me again for some more police state crapdown. I said NO! At that point he charged me in an attempt to tackle me off my bike when I decided not today pig and juked his charge dodging his grasp and sockin his stupid ass in the side of the head with a left (insert strong arm emoji) ran the red at 34th
And made it home safe after that.

TOD: Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?

RM: Rollerblading is still a huge part of my life. Even though I don't get out nearly as much as I used to I still love to go out, roll, and lace a few switch ups make sure I still got it ha.

Right now I've been dipping my hands into the fashion industry again working on a personal project, all hand made pieces. Cycling and non cycling related.
I've also noticed myself becoming a bit of a snotty bike builder with a niche for fancy shit lol.
steel still, will always be real.

TOD: Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………

RM: Probably be a fugitive on the run, again. Or in prison. :))


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