Marco Camacho

TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself.
MC: Hey I'm Marco. Don't have any other names besides that one. I'm 26 and I currently live in Washington Heights.

TOD: How long have you been riding (fixed gear/in general)?
MC: Well I've been riding since I was young, but I've been ridin fixed for about 4 years.

TOD: Does your work day consist of riding a bike?
MC: Unfortunately, I'm a carpenter. I usually ride to and from work during the work week.

TOD: What type of bike are you riding? (Describe your bike.)
MC: I ride a Motobecane Uno Cross, Sugino Pista crankset and bb, with Weinmann rims laced to Origin 8 track hubs. Nothing fancy.

TOD: What's your take on riding in NYC?
MC: I think it's fun, sometimes overwhelming depending where you are at what time. Riding in the city is almost like being in one big ass obstacle course. Having to dodge pedestrians, pot holes, and cars, sometime outrun cops, and maneuver through the city to get where you need to go in a timely fashion. What's funner then that?

TOD: Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC
MC: I would say it was probably riding my first Tour de Bronx. Just the amount of people that showed up that day to ride was crazy. And it was pretty awesome to ride with that many people too.

TOD: Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?
MC: I play rugby and I make art such as printmaking, metal forging, and illustrations.

TOD: Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………
MC: Be on the couch eating doughnuts.