Kyle Thompson

TOD: Feel free to introduce yourself:

KT: My name is Kyle. I'm 24. Grew up in Vegas (imagine Times Square surrounded by sprawling suburbia). Moved here in 2009.

TOD:  How long have you been riding?

KT: In 2011, I started doing food delivery at a diner in Gramercy park. This was my first time on a bike since high school. The pay was low, the other delivery guys were way more established and the environment was extremely competitive. I could never afford to fix anything that went wrong with that commuter-style hybrid I was rocking. I bought a track bike as a way to save money. Kept meaning to put brakes on it. Oh well.

TOD:  Does your work day consist of riding a bike?

KT: I am a New York City Messenger.

TOD:  What type of bike are you riding?

KT: My '93 MX Leader! I feel very blessed to have come across this frame. It has a Columbus MXL tubeset, coupled with hand crafted steel lugs. Dreamy...

TOD:  What's your take on riding in NYC?

KT: Riding here is great. There is something for every skill level and style of cycling. But for the true New York City cycling experience, nothing compares to an NYC ALLEY CAT. It's solving seemingly impossible life-or-death spatial-reasoning puzzles within a split-second, in rapid-fire succession. And you get exercise. What's not to like? They are incredible, risky and ultimately rewarding experiences. Unlike other cities it's not just messengers that throw them. I like the accessibility this provides. Everyone can join in on the madness, but working messengers definitely have an edge. You gotta work to win (usually)!

TOD:  Can you explain your most memorable experience while riding in NYC?

KT: Keeping up with the lead pack long enough to experience taking the highway of the 59th St bridge--with Lucas Brunelle along for the ride. And then getting to watch his footage at the after-party. I had to pee desperately that entire race, but I held on, and it was so worth it!

TOD:  Aside from cycling, do you have any other hobbies?

KT: I play in a band. We have an EP that is finished and will be released, online, early summer for free. All made in our basement studio. My band mates are so good at their instruments, it's scary.

TOD:  Finish this sentence – If I never rode a bike, I would………

KT: Never have met so many wonderful people from so many different walks of life, united (and divided!) by something that inspires us all. How positive is that?! A west coast import sitting down with a Bronx native to talk about how freaking cool these bike things are. What a world. It's exciting to think that my journey has only just begun.

Be sure to keep up with Kyle on Instagram @KyleCorpseFinger