2016 Tour De Bronx Portraits

Yesterday we wrapped up our 6th Tour De Bronx while throwing a slight detour to sea food city in our route making yesterday the De-Tour De Bronx. I usually shoot the Tour De Bronx portraits at the courthouse steps but with the change of start locations and registration becoming longer than a line for Michael Jordan's latest re-released sneakers, for the 1st time, I couldn't shoot at the start. During the detour and after some food and drinks from City Island's own sea food city, I lined up those riders who made it to the detour and shot our 6th installment of Tour De Bronx portraits.

We proceeded to skip the tail end of the tour and make our way to the finish line of the tour to meet up with fellow riders and make way towards the Bronx beer hall for more drinks and good times. Something that most of us look forward to at the end of the tour.

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