Helloween XXI
1:00 pm13:00

Helloween XXI

  • 121 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States

"Welcome to hell rookies!!
To the vets, welcome back.... you know this game well.

Name of the game is speed, pain and intelligence.
$10 to enter

I'll be sweetening up the pot with a nice healthy chunk of that hood rich honey and any and all schwag thrown this way is appreciated and will be dished out accordingly but the main idea behind this, the 21st running of this race, is what it all started with. You're heading to the city, hitting all the known spots on a holiday weekend, getting stamped fast and jumping back on the horse.


This race will begin and end at bike kill so dress to impress!!
1st male and 1st female will split a large cash pot.
best dressed?
1st tandem?
most evil?

If all goes well we'll be splitting four digits between the two fastest alley cat racers in the city.

This is the longest running alley cat in the country.

Fuck the logos, this is by the fam for the fam.
I expect a lot from you ghouls!!!!"

Bike Kill 13
Oct 30

Bike Kill 13

  • 121 Morgan Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States
Photos provided by Cesar Macay

Photos provided by Cesar Macay

Mala Bruja: Brujas Revenge
7:00 pm19:00

Mala Bruja: Brujas Revenge


Calling all brujas, time to put our brooms to great use and come out to compete in the all women's alley cat, BRUJAS REVENGE !!

Last year we had such an amazing turnout for mala brujas: HELLCAT, with 70+ women competing, lets see if we can get a bigger outcome this year ! i know a lot of first timers had such a wonderful, fun time last Halloween.. lets bring more first timers out this year as well ! nothing like racing your first time, all dressed up, surrounded by a bunch of bad ass women !


This all women's alley cat will be 10$ to race, ANY BIKE, costumes HIGHLY encouraged, helmets HIGHLY encouraged as well as lights being HIGHLY encouraged !


The Tour De Bronx
8:00 am08:00

The Tour De Bronx

"WE ARE NOW STARTING AT HARRIS FIELD   Bedford Park Boulevard West between Paul and Goulden"


Bedford Park Boulevard West
between Paul and Goulden"

"Tour de Bronx is a bicycling event established in 1994 by the office of the Bronx Borough President and The Bronx Tourism Council as a means to promote a healthier lifestyle, an alternate mode of transportation and a way to tour the burgeoning neighborhoods, scenic waterfronts and greenways of the borough.

Participants choose from one of two rides. The 25-mile route takes riders through the south, east and mid portion of the borough including the Mott Haven district, Clason Point along the East River, and the largest park in New York City: Pelham Bay Park boasting nearly 3,000 acres of natural forest. The 40-mile route includes a visit to the historic Fort Schuyler on the Throggs Neck peninsula, the nautical community of City Island and the northern portions of the borough like Woodlawn and Riverdale. Both rides conclude at the iconic New York Botanical Garden where riders receive a complimentary souvenir T-shirt and enjoy a live musical performance as they relax from the day’s festivities.

Throughout the years, the event has grown exponentially and is regarded as the largest free cycling event in New York State. In 2014 the Tour de Bronx saw a record-breaking 7,600+ participants from all over the country as well as a few who come from abroad."

Register Here

Oct 10

2016 New York City NACCC

New York City proudly presents the 2016 North American Cycle Courier Championship

Every year since 1998, the NACCC has brought together cyclists from across Northern America, and the world, in a test of speed, skill, and smarts to crown the fastest messenger on the continent.

Urban cycling challenges are simulated on a closed course and couriers apply the speed and knowhow they employ daily in a fierce competition.

While the focus is on the competition, the spectacle of the race, and side events—including track and street races, as well as art, culture, and local industry—will draw a vast and varied crowd of cyclists from across the five boroughs.

And couriers from all across the continent and from far flung places on the globe will congregate for the first closed-course, sanctioned courier event in NYC in 10 years.

Over 5,000 couriers call the New York Metro area home, more than anywhere else in the country. Our city is the home of one of the largest messenger communities worldwide.

In addition to the thriving messenger scene, over 200,000 New Yorkers bike the city streets every day as a means of recreation and transportation, according to Transportation Alternatives. In numbers alone, there has never been a national courier event of this magnitude.

More info at NYC NACCC 2016